Step into the forefront of commercial refrigeration solutions in Central Texas. Recognizing the critical role that refrigeration plays in diverse industries, we’re driven to provide nothing but the best in performance. Our services encompass everything from blast chilling & freezing systems to intricate CO2 refrigeration and industrial process refrigeration (IPR). Whether you require glycol chillers, cascade refrigeration systems, or an adept touch with environmental chambers and brine systems, we’re the experts you’ve been searching for.

Our dedicated team is primed and ready 24/7, ensuring that your refrigeration needs are met with unmatched precision and reliability. But our dedication goes beyond delivering impeccable refrigeration solutions. Dive into the exclusive benefits tailored for our service contract holders, featuring special labor rate discounts and customized solutions. In Central Texas, when it comes to refrigeration excellence, we aren’t just a choice — we’re the definitive choice. Experience unmatched refrigeration expertise with us!

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1. Customize refrigeration solutions
2. Provide full-service repair and preventative maintenance
3. Rebuild and replace equipment
4. Provide 24/7 emergency service

Shafer is here for your emergency and non-emergency needs and practice Process Safety Management (PSM) at all times.


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We offer numerous types of refrigeration to meet your needs. Here are some of our more popular offerings and what they’re used for.

Blast freezers shorten the amount of time foods are exposed to temperatures that can cause damage. This reduces the risk of harmful bacteria that can spoil food. Blast chilling also helps preserve freshness and flavor. Blast freezing is most important for perishable food merchandise.

Common Blast Freezing applications:

+ Ice cream storage
+ Prepared meal services
+ Produce preservation
+ Meat & seafood preservation
+ Commercial kitchens

Chillers circulate cooled air or vaporized water through a unit, which chills its contents—hence the name. It takes the warm air in the unit and places it elsewhere (usually outside the facility). Shafer Services Plus is your premier mechanical contractor for all industrial chiller needs. We will custom design and install your chiller using professional-grade parts and expert precision, ensuring a chiller that meets your needs for years to come.

Common Chiller applications:

+ Medical
+ Manufacturing
+ Pharmaceutical
+ Food
+ Beverage
+ Laboratory industries
+ Chemicals

Glycol chillers are industrial refrigeration systems that use a type of antifreeze called glycol, mixed with water, to lower the freezing point in the application of the chilling system.

Common Glycol Chiller applications:

+ Breweries
+ Wineries
+ Cider mills
+ Distilleries
+ Agriculture

Cascade refrigeration systems are a freezing system that uses two kinds of refrigerants with different boiling points, which run through their own independent freezing cycle and are joined by a heat exchanger.

Common Cascade Refrigeration System applications:

+ Medical
+ Vaccines

CO2 refrigeration has the advantages of being environmentally friendly and offers great heat transfer properties. CO2 is also non-flammable and non-toxic.

Common CO2 Refrigeration applications:

+ Produce
+ Dairy
+ Fish, meat, seafood
+ Processed foods
+ Pharmaceuticals

IPR systems are complex, customized systems used to cool process streams in industrial applications.

Common IPR applications:

+ Chemicals
+ Food processing
+ Pharmaceutical
+ Petrochemical
+ Manufacturing

Brine systems use a high concentration of salt water or other anti-freeze solution which is chilled, then pumped around to do the required cooling. The common brines used for refrigeration are sodium chloride (common salt), calcium chloride and various glycol solutions.

Common Brine System applications:

+ Produce
+ Cheese
+ Fish, meat, seafood

An environmental chamber, also called a climatic chamber or climate chamber, is an enclosure used to test the effects of specified environmental conditions. An environmental test chamber artificially replicates conditions which machinery, materials, devices or components might be exposed to such as extreme temperatures.

Common Environmental Chamber applications:

+ Biological items
+ Industrial products
+ Electronic devices and components


Customized refrigeration solutions

No other business has your combination of building space, budget, refrigeration requirements, and business needs. We customize solutions for you with our professionals who walk you through this process.


Every custom refrigeration system needs unique piping to optimize the cooling process, keeping a steady temperature for cold storage while minimizing cost. At Shafer, we install, fabricate, maintain, and repair mechanical piping systems based on your unique needs.

Preventative maintenance

We take care of everything so you don’t have to. Our customized maintenance plans are designed to

Industrial refrigeration repair

You can’t afford down time due to broken refrigeration equipment. Our skilled team of experts is on hand 24/7 to get you up and running ASAP.