Since 1988, the Shafer family is one of the most-trusted names in plumbing and HVAC. The Shafer family has helped build and service San Antonio’s public and private mechanical and plumbing infrastructure for decades.

Shafer’s legacy is built on responding quickly and professionally, providing exceptional solutions, treating customers with respect, and taking care of your business like our own.

Through the years, Shafer continues its journey to provide unmatched service. We are one of Texas’ largest and most highly-rated commercial plumbing and mechanical companies.

“We know that you need fast and reliable HVAC and plumbing services to be successful. At Shafer Services Plus, we are committed to providing you with multiple solutions, 24/7. This dedication is why we have been in business for such a long time, and why we’ll be here for generations to come.” - Chase Anderson, President and CEO

At Shafer, we understand that each property is unique. Type, size, and design of equipment vary as do operational expectations. Our diverse experience and dedication to customer service allows us to customize preventative maintenance plans to fit your every need and help achieve your facilities performance goals.

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